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В серсо играли даже рыцари  в средневековье. Это была излюбленная потеха детей в городах.
Питер Брейгель "Зрелище детей" (подробность) 1559
«Серсо» по-французски — обруч. Насчитывается около 60 разнообразных упражнений, игр, эстафет с серсо; их изучение предполагает соблюдение определенной последовательности — через простых к более сложным с постепенным нарастанием физической нагрузки.
Обстановка игры в серсо несложное: перстень и шпажка.

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The Carrara Marble, as other kinds of marble, is actually a metamorphic rock helped make off microscopically tiny calcium carbonate crystals. This stone was actually developed through alteration, that suggests that the former rock has got a complete new crystalline design as a result of to higher tension and/or variations in temp, therefore, essentially, the rock has been basically transformed. In the certain situation of Carrara Marble you may state that the authentic rock resembled today lime ground from the significant reef in the tropical seas. The change occurred in the course of the Very early Jurassic (190 million years ago), when significant aspect of today's N. Tuscany were actually flooded; lime sediment placed on the sea bottom then constituted a carboniferous platform. More info - <a href=>carrara marble</a>.

After the movement of the earth's crust, when the Apennines had actually been formed, the carboniferous platform appeared coming from the sea and formed mountains, which kept their authentic attributes; but it was not the same for the Apuan Alps, where higher tension has actually essentially transformed the crystalline framework of the rock. The lime transformed for that reason right into marble. Coming from the carboniferous system, which had been actually folded up a number of times as ‚ plastic' by extremely higher pressure, arose the complicated geological framework of the today's Apuan Mountain range.

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